Correction Baptist Trainfan

Correction Baptist Trainfan, there are considerable amounts of old trains scattered around the country in private sidings (particularly Ministry of Defence) and on Heritage Railways. Its just they cost more to hire and use, so the Privatised franchisees won’t have them hit the shareholder dividends! Plus in the late 1990’s, when we had 2 companies running trains between Ipswich and London, we had a better and faster service with more capacity. Obvious therefore to get rid of the competitive element and reduce the service which is where we are today!.

A: I think in the end, the issues won’t be as important as how people feel about the general direction. There will be issues like pensions, there will be issues like the gap between rich and poor, there will be issues like what our future policy in Afghanistan should be after 2011. There will be important issues but in the end, I don’t think any one issue will determine how people vote.

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Three men have been arrested.IS IT DANGEROUS?Horsemeat itself cheap china jerseys is cheap nfl jerseys not harmful, and is eaten in several European countries, including France, Germany and Italy. In English speaking countries including Britain and Ireland eating horses is widely considered taboo.British officials have said that horses slaughtered in Britain after being treated with the equine painkiller phenylbutazone, or bute, may have made their way into the human food chain in France. Bute is banned for human use because in rare cases it causes severe side effects, but veterinary experts say there is little risk from consuming small amounts in horsemeat.The crisis has raised questions about food controls in the 27 nation European Union and highlighted how little consumers know about the complex trading operations that get food from producers to wholesalers to processers to stores and onto dinner tables.

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