These small, black, convex mirrors, u

These small, black, convex mirrors, usually sized for the hand, were extensively used by artists and tourists to contemplate, reconfigure and record landscape. They were wielded on picturesque tours of Britain, the Continent and North America. In areas such as the Wye Valley or the Lake District, tourists would halt at proscribed Viewing Stations (maps and mirrors available at opticians, stationers, art suppliers and, later in the period, tourist stops), turn their backs to the scene, hold up a Claude mirror, and look at the framed and transformed view.

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That strange corridor around the East 59th Street stop, an area known more for bustling chain stores than its restaurants, is not exactly a dining destination. Luckily, one of the handful of exceptions is currently firing on all cylinders, as it has been for about ten years. Wajima (134 East 61st Street; 212 813 9065) is a small Japanese restaurant, often packed at midday, and it serves one of the tastiest and cheapest lunch deals in the city..

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If you want to install your own junction box, purchase a junction box kit at a home improvement store, and most come with wiring guides. However, be aware that, although wires are color coded, installation may be difficult and most code laws require the box to be sealed with a junction box cover. The junction box will connect the wires to the unit and connect the wires to the junction box according to the instructions on the microwave.

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